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No matter whether or not you spend money on design, there is actually someone who creates, constructs and executes the plan of - i.e. leaves their mark on -  a certain service or product even if they didn't design it methodically or purposefully.  These marks or signs may denote personal characteristics that can be analyzed by psychologists but it's even more important that everyone "receives such transmissions" - i.e. get the message of the design of a product/service - even if not always consciously. Such signs can be read well by anyone when it comes to foods: we don't feel like having a bite of a brownish, wizened apple. Or here's scene 1: a colorful, nice brochure of a renowned multi-national company with a loaf of bread in it. Scene 2: a loaf of bread wrapped in a daily newspaper on the table. There IS something that makes the difference, isn't there? All in all: quality is denoted by appearance, and if the supplier/designer fails to provide a nice outward appearance for a certain product, it will be hard to sell it. Professionals in the field of marketing are doing research about public taste. Public tastes vary among societies of different cultural backgrounds. We unconsciously learn what we like and what we don't in our childhood. It's the cultural background, former experiences and influences picked up that determine how much we are attracted to a certain shade of color. Many people think design is something special that can be afforded by only a chosen few. Even more people think that design is just like an ornament, or more like an accessory that can be ignored when it comes to sales. The origin of the word is thought to be English but it actually comes from the Latin root word "signo" which means: to sign, to mark, to seal, to indicate, to notice, to watch, to stamp, to designate, to define, to describe, and also, as a noun: sign, mark, stamp, seal, signal, division, image, sculpture. The word "design" has the following meanings according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: to create, fashion, execute, or construct according to plan to indicate with a distinctive mark, sign, or name to make a drawing, pattern, sketch, as well as draw the plans for something as well as: a drawing or sketch; a plan, a project a graphic representation, especially a detailed plan for construction or manufacture something designed, especially a decorative or an artistic work,an ornamental pattern,a reasoned purpose; an intent We unconsciously keep associating things we perceive with our former experiences, just like Pavlov's dog. Since it's so evident, no one gives much thought as to why we cross the street when the lights are green. (Just because we can cross the street when the light changes to green wherever you go?) How is a Hungarian rollicking when he's in good spirits? There's a popular song the lyrics of which start with this: "The lattice gate is painted green…" If it's green then it's not forbidden? There's only one manufacturer that produces black soap bars, and the turnover of them is rather slim. When we take a browse through the products displayed in the supermarkets, we won't find detergents and cleaning products packed in grey, drab, brown or black boxes. All of these products are packed in boxes or other containers of spring or summer (vivid and clear) colors. Much effort is saved this way because the suppliers don't have to convince every one of the customers about the effectiveness of the said cleaning product. One of the fast food chains conducted a research the results of which were the following: in case the shop assistants were wearing blue hats while asking the customers if they wanted a bigger size of French fries and a bigger cup of soft drink, 40%  more customers said yes than when the assistants didn't wear those blue hats. The color and shape of an apple determine whether or not it's with a good appetite that we bite into it (if at all). No matter how unbelievable it seems to people, the design of the apple - regardless of the present fashion ideal and time - will tell in what quantity and at what price it will be sold. Or … it will end up in the trash-bin.  There's no such professional marketing guru who could sell the brownish and wizened apple better than the fresh, shiny one, no matter how good he is at convincing people. Well, ok, you don't want to sell apples…
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