We can see that it is very imporant that we make sure our non-verbal communication is conducted in a conscious and controlled way. It is genuine when there's harmony between our words, the way we say them, and the way we look. Here's an example: No one doubts whether the policeman has the right to ask for our ID card to check when he's in his uniform standing in front of the police station. When he's in civvies, now he has to prove that he's actually a policeman. The story is also different when he asks for the ID card in someone's home. The conclusion: when we're not attentive, the image and the words spoken can be in conflict, thus creating a situation contrary to our wish. The answer to the question "What is it like?" implies no verbal but rather visual expression of something: the style-marks, the way something looks and the sight as a whole. Random or unintentional messages are not always expressed in verbal ways. Those who excel at communication can keep the way they speak, their gestures and mimicry in control and express their feelings with awareness. OK, but what's with the sight? We have to aim at transmitting our message without noise, that is both our verbal and non- verbal messages should be in harmony so we seem genuine. Our attire, the objects around us, and the logo of a company convey some kind of a message. When we start speaking, we don't speak in a sort of a vacuum because we have already created an impression with those who are with us. We have already given some information about ourselves and our personality (sex, social status, age, level of confidence, lifestyle, attitude toward the listeners etc.). And here's another very important thing: you can't dissolve prejudice and preconception in a verbal way.
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And here are the results of a third survey: as little as 10 percent of our verbal communication will have an impact on the impression we create with other people, only 40% of communication comes from the way we speak, and 50% is from our appearance. TOP TIP TOP TIP Results of another survey show that   buying something depends 70 percent on the first impression! www.ezjo  hu   design service Magyar Deutsch
A survey conducted about the influence of people they have on each other shows that 55% depends on looks 38% depends on behavior and only 7% depends on the actual message.
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