We offer to decorate offices, venues for special events, homes, outlets and business establishments.Original decorations at your request with the help of creative ideas, your home or office can turn into not only an exceptional space, but you can also spare a lot of money. We offer both decoration consulting and interior design & implementation of all styles in all kinds of price categories. We also offer beautiful curtains to assure a cozy atmosphere in your home or office.
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We offer: illustration of brochures, books, magazines and tender dossiers/applications; book and magazine cover and page design; page, book, papers, and promotional material layouts, as well as editing for both printing and electronic press. We also design and print posters, flyers, certificates, licences, cards and promotional materials, as well as offer web design and custom graphics (banners, flags, boards, signs etc), and design for drafts, maps, and graphs.
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  We cover the whole spectrum of services and products in the field of visual communication.  
Did you know a glass of raspberry juice of a stronger shade of red seems sweeter Did you know that 70% of your success depends on the first impression? The color and shape of an apple determine whether or not it's with a good appetite that we bite into it (if at all). 
We also offer great ideas for gift  prints. We offer you our high-quality design and layout printing services (business cards, brochures, leaflets, books, banners, posters, menu cards, calendars, notebooks, etc.) that are available on short notice as well. We implement great ideas both in small and large sizes or even in the form of giant posters.  
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Though it's always a pleasure to give, it sometimes takes a lot of thinking to come up with a good idea about what to present our loved ones, business partners, and classmates with. If you want some unique gifts with a creative twist. You can order corporate gifts and promotional products from us. We undertake installation of textile, plastic, paper and wood decorations in every style. We are equipped to print different patterns on these materials with digital technology.  
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  Small badges for sale in bulk!
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